Our Expertise

Soutine was twenty years old when he left Russia and moved to Paris. It was 1913 and for the following thirty years; until he died in Paris in 1943; he only lived and painted in France.

Most of the documentation about the initial sales of Soutine’s paintings is in France. Soutine did participate in some exhibitions abroad, such as in Chicago. For this reason, there is some material relevant to Soutine in the United States.

We begin all Soutine authentications with research in Paris where we have two highly educated art historians and researchers.

It is rare for works by Soutine to require scientific testing. This reduces the cost of authenticating Soutine’s paintings.

Most of the time, a Soutine authentication can be completed within thirty days.

Of course, we certify and issue certificates of authenticity (COA) for all the paintings by Chaim Soutine that we determine with certainty to be authentic.