Chaim Soutine

During his lifetime, the work of Chaim Soutine was underappreciated. But after his death Soutine has undergone a renaissance. Willem de Kooning said Soutine was his favorite painter. Before you buy or sell a work attributed to Chaim Soutine you should have it authenticated by us.

Soutine Experts has nearly twenty years of experience in evaluating the authenticity of works attributed to Chaim Soutine. We are intimately familiar with Chaim Soutine’s oeuvre and the methods of establishing the authenticity of works attributed to him. Our team includes seasoned Soutine scholars. Soutine Experts works for art galleries, museums, international fine art auctioneers, as well as new collectors considering a purchase, individuals, and estates.

Soutine Experts is completely objective and independent in our authentications. We do not sell or buy works of art. Soutine Experts adheres to the highest standards of ethics in our authentications. Soutine Experts issues Certificates of Authenticity.

Authentication requires not only comprehensive comparative visual analysis but also meticulous research in libraries and archives. Soutine Experts has the capacity to conduct top-level, immersive Chaim Soutine research internationally.

Scientific testing, including X-rays, infrared photography, pigment analysis can also help determine authenticity. Soutine Experts uses the most competent specialists to test your work of art attributed to Chaim Soutine using the most high-tech methods.

In many cases, we do not need to see the work of art in person to evaluate its authenticity as a work by Soutine.

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