Lost and Found

In 1978, a number of artworks were stolen from the residence of Michael Bakwin in Massachusetts. Two of them were Portrait d’un Jeune Homme and Portrait d’une jeune fille en Robe Rose by Soutine. They eventually ended up in the possession of Robert M. Mardirosian, who attempted to store and sell the paintings in Switzerland and London. The Art Loss Register recovered the stolen paintings in 2006. They were returned to Bakwin in 2010.

In 1990, L’Apprenti (c. 1922) by Soutine was stolen when a truck, transporting the painting from a framing shop to Beadleston Gallery was hijacked outside Acquavella Galleries in New York. The truck was discovered in Harlem a few days later but the painting has been missing since.

In 2008, La Vieille Dame au Chien (1919) and La Femme en Rouge (1926) by Soutine were stolen. This was part of a larger art heist in which nine paintings were stolen from the residence of Anton and Susan Rowland in Los Angeles. The Soutine paintings, along with other artworks, were recovered in 2014. This occurred when Los Angeles police arrested Raul Espinoza who was trying to sell all stolen nine paintings in Europe.